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From Colesberg
  1. Take the R717 to Philippolis for 30km.
  2. Turn right to DONKERPOORT after you crossed the bridge over the ORANGE RIVER.
  3. Follow this road for 4 km and lookout for the Sale Signs.
From Bloemfontein
  1. Take the N1 for +/- 110km.
  2. Turn off the N1 and drive into TROMPSBURG.
  3. In Trompsburg turn Left at the 4-way stop and follow the main street.
  4. Drive until you reach the next 4-way stop and turn right towards Philippolis.
  5. Follow this road, the R717, towards Philippolis for +/- 60km.
  6. Drive right through Philippolis and follow the R717 towards Colesberg for another 30km.
  7. Make sure your drive at least 30km and turn left at the DONKERPOORT turnoff, just before the Orange River Bridge. (DO NOT TAKE THE DONKERPOORT TURNOFF WHICH IS ONLY 10Kms out of PHILIPPOLIS).
  8. Follow this road for 4 km and lookout for the Sale Signs.

Date: 12 March 2014, Wednesday
Event: Nguni Cattle Auction
Venue: Farm WINTERVELD, Philippolis district.
GPS coordinates S 30.54350 O 25.35093
Time: 11:00

Important Information:
The Auctioneers for this sale will be CMW-Elite.
Contact Mario Kruger - 079 497 6015
Website -

Auction Standards:
  • The animals on sale are each member's finest cattle.
  • Only inspected, registered animals will be presented.
  • 34 month old heifers are either pregnant or have already calved.
  • Animals are certified negative B.M. and T.B.
  • Cows are certified as pregnant or are being sold with their calf.
  • Bulls have been tested for Vibriosis, Trichomoniasis.
  • The bulls' fertility has been tested.

For more information contact:
Danie van Zyl - 051 004 0001
Schalk van der Walt - 051 654 0150